• We invite you to enjoy a spectacular train journey in CHEPE
  • Take a walk on the longest cable car in Latin America
  • Meet the Urique River
  • Discover the wonder of our magical towns
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  • Unforgettable landscapes
We invite you to enjoy a spectacular train journey in CHEPE1 Take a walk on the longest cable car in Latin America2 Meet the Urique River3 Discover the wonder of our magical towns4 Enjoy extreme sports5 Bigger than the Grand Canyon6 Unforgettable landscapes7
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The largest state of Chihuahua Mexico, home to a diversity of ecosystems, home to diverse cultures that invites you to enjoy its geography.

The city of Chihuahua has interesting museums and historic sites such as the home of General Francisco Villa, residence where dwell the leader when he was governor. In the center stands the baroque cathedral and the main square, where you can enjoy refreshing snow. Nearby is the Museum of Sacred Art and the City Hall. For freedom street leads to the Government Palace that houses the museum of Hidalgo, who was imprisoned here before his execution in 1811. The streets and mansions of Chihuahua contain great stories like the famous house of Quintas Gomeros currently cultural center . You can visit the city near as Delicias, with the interesting paleontological museum, the Summits of Majalca National Park, with its whimsical rock formations, Cuauhtemoc city that characterizes the Mennonite communities places.
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Strategic point to visit the stunning Copper Canyon. From Creel you can visit spectacular places like Basaseachi and waterfall, San Rafael, Batopilas, Guachochi and of course the natural wonders near the village, which is accessible by bicycle: Arareko Valley, Valley fungi and frogs, Cusarare waterfall. In the valley of Arareko can visit the nearby rock formations, which originated due to erosion from wind and agua.Aqui many Tarahumara live and there are innumerable paths to exploit. Seven kilometers west of Arareko are somewhat mysterious valley where it is known as Bisabirachi or Valley of the Monks. Here is a collection of embedded rock columns between 40 and 50 m.Otro must see is the lake and waterfall Arareko Cusarare, with a fall of 30 meters surrounded by pines and oaks. Creel is like an office of the United Nations and that this unique town is frequented by travelers from around the world.
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The City of Fort is located in the northwestern part of the state of Sinaloa; possesses great natural, historical, architectural, cultural and indigenous traditions rooted (yoremes) attractive, well located within the Ecotourism Circuit Sea of Cortez - Barrancas del Cobre.
The largest of its attractions is its county seat, the colonial town of El Fuerte, founded in 1564 as the town of San Juan Bautista de Carapoa by the Spanish master Francisco de Ibarra known as "The Phoenix Pathfinder". The origin of its present name is derived from "Fortified Complex" built by Captain Diego Martinez Creole Hurdaide during the viceroyalty of Don Juan de Mendoza y Luna, Marqués de Montesclaros.
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The Parral retain the title of "capital of the world" to his hometown, name given by Felipe IV when his silver mine was at its peak.
Crossed by seven bridges, downtown Parral get confused at first, but some steps suffice to recognize the streets. Or are always the two tourist transport; the PyOjito, a small train which owes its name to the old railroad from Ojito, in Durango, Parral. "P. and Ojito "advertised on the box office. The current train runs through the main attractions of the center, like the TranVilla, as almost everything is geared towards the figure of Francisco Villa; The reason is that in Parral died one of the most important leaders of the Mexican Revolution.
The gastronomic element can not miss. Here are the famous Parral sweet milk, boiled milk, sugar and spices. Thanks to the production of walnuts and pine nuts in the region, sweets accompany these seeds harvested in Parral same.
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You have reached the heart of the Sierra Tarahumara in the southwestern state of Chihuahua, and you're on top of the majestic Copper Canyon, so named for the copper-toned walls. With an area of 59 thousand 545 kilometers, these canyons are longer and deeper than the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Its impressive walls guarding legends, traditions and many surprises.
One of these surprises awaits you in the vibrant community of rarámuri or Tarahumara. The Indians have made canyons home for centuries, and their lives are intertwined with the mountains. By living in this remote region, have preserved their ancestral lifestyle. They are famous for their endurance in long distance races, they are known for running non-stop for hours. Some of these communities receive government funds to build roads, restaurants and hotels, and are open to receive visitors; others prefer to live in such remote areas as possible of urban life.
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This ancient city, which means "Great Houses" was built based thick adobe walls, reminiscent of the Peoples of South America more than other Hispanic cultures of Mexico.
Here is estimated to have reached at least two thousand rooms. Do not miss the most important: the House of Serpents, which originally consisted of 24 single rooms, two double rooms, three halls and three seats. It was then extended and adapted to breed parrots and turtles. In the House of the Macaws 122 birds buried under the floor were found. La Casa de Hornos named for hosting large ovens where the agave is cooked to make mezcal. La Casa de la Noria, one of the largest and most important hydraulic constructions of Mesoamerica, because it has a network of canals for water distribution and a Ferris wheel with about 12 meters deep; also have been located turquoise and copper, more than in one of the rooms over three million small sea shells from the Pacific were found. The House of Skulls and the House of the Dead were named so because of the large number of human remains found in them: in the house of the dead ninety burials were located.
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If you travel on the Chepe get off at the station to reach Bahuchivo Cerocahui, a village surrounded by waterfalls and beautiful valleys. It is the site from which to explore the Urique Canyon, with nearly two thousand meters deep. You must visit the mission of San Javier, the waterfall of the same name and the hostel for girls rarámuris. A 25 km from here is the Cerro del Gallego, from whose viewpoint you have one of the most spectacular views of the Sierra Tarahumara. Ideal for those interested in ecotourism.
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The Chihuahua-Pacific Railroad, better known as El Chepe, begins and ends its journey in a city of clean, wide, tree-lined streets: Los Mochis. In this sinaloense you can practice ecotourism destination, visit an interesting museum that offers a glimpse into the past of the region and delight in a variety of dishes prepared with fresh seafood. The former residence of one of the founding settlers of Los Mochis, Dr. Chapman, currently houses the Museo Regional del Valle del Fuerte. In this room prehispanic pieces of the region, as well as a broad historical record that lets you know the origins of the city is. It is noteworthy that the Sinaloa have a strong mixed heritage, resulting from the mixture of Aboriginal, European, Chinese, Japanese and Israel, among other races. A 23 kilometers from the port of Los Mochis Topolobampo, whose waters come seafood spread over much of the state of Sinaloa is located. Its beaches with calm waters are ideal for watersports. Nearby is The Maviri, perfect for swimming. Here you can visit the "Bat Cave" where hundreds of bats leave the cave at dusk, and Isla de los Patos, populated by various species of birds.
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At this location the activity and fun are endless. Attend the Marina de La Paz and get ready to fish, rent a sailboat, jet skiing or surfing. Your dock has capacity for up to 80 vessels between 10 and 20 meters. You can also make purchases on your upscale mall, watch the spectacle of dolphins, swim and take pictures with them and hire walks with specialized guides.
In addition to La Paz, two marinas offer outings and overnight boats. The Marina Don José, with 40 ships and Cantamar Marina, located in the Bay of Pichilingüe, which has a dock for up to 35 boats up to 25 meters. The beauty of Los Cabos is appreciated by people around the world and is precisely its location and range of options to spend the vacation, which allows the flow of cruise ships and private yachts throughout the year. It will not be difficult for your visit you will encounter some movie star or television.
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